Our Testimonials

To give a testimony is to share an expression of God’s goodness to us.
— First Lady Renee Macklin

Sis. Loyce Pitts


This journey that I’m on with my daughter Sobreta Pitts and her fight against cancer has really increased my faith.  I never believed that this would be nothing, but a testimony of how good God is and how He still performs miracles.

After being on 6 different chemo treatments since May 2015, near death in November 2017; following a 3-day treatment of chemo that is nicknamed “ICE” which put her in ICU, and on December 15, 2017, they told us that she would have to have her left leg amputated; I never gave up believing any of this except for Breta’s testimony of God’s goodness.  This being Breta’s transition wasn’t the message that either of us was getting from our Lord and Savior.  We just rested in peace in His arms with great hope for Life.  We know that God has the First, Middle and Last Word.

When my spirit would feel weak or unsure, I would look at Sobreta, whose spirit is up and focused on God and Life.  She never questions, “Why Me?”; never has disbelief in her surviving this demon.  Because of her, my spirit is immediately lifted and focused on God and Life again.

On December 28, 2017, the Oncologist told us, “There is nothing else we can do, so we could send her home and keep her comfortable with Hospice”.  Breta looked at her doctor with a smile and said, “That’s okay, I’m not going anywhere, God’s not ready for me now.  I just want to go home”.  They reduced her 9 meds to 2 pain meds and I requested to keep the blood thinner for her blood flow through her legs and Lyrica for the neuropathy.  I thank God for wisdom as well, because making the right decisions are very important.  As I mentioned, my spirit was immediately lifted, and faith restored by Breta’s response to the doctor.

Breta came home on the 29th of December, stretched out on her back, not able to sit up or roll over, not able to walk or feed herself and her voice was at a whisper.   She was so swollen; her eyes were slightly closed.

My son’s fiancé shared Breta’s struggle with a friend who is a holistic doctor. This woman came to the house at 10:00 pm, with a bag of veggies from Mom’s Organic Market, toothpaste, soap, tea and a woman she helped who wanted to share the story of her fight against Breast Cancer.  She made up the veggies in the Ninja and made the special tea for Breta.  Did I mention, she didn’t ask for any money, said she just wants a testimony?  Well, in a couple of days the swelling had left her body and we were putting the Himalayan Salt on her wounds as instructed and they are drying up as well.  Breta’s voice is strong and she is eating like a horse. 

On Jan 29, 2018, we took Breta for a 2nd opinion and the doctor said, “I see no need for amputation! This is a result of the medication; give it some time and see me in a month”.  We just knew they were going to at least amputate her toe because her feet looked like an animal has been chewing on them, especially her left foot.  What a joy it was to hear those words from the doctor.  But the blessings don’t stop there. On Sunday, Feb. 4th, a friend of ours we met by patronizing her boutique shop, came by to visit Breta with her husband who happens to be a minister.  We talked, laughed and he prayed for Breta and the family.  They were about to leave when his wife started looking closely at her legs, took her coat off and asked for some peroxide, she then shared with us that she use to work in the wound center at Georgetown Hospital and she started working on Breta’s feet.  She has been to the house every day since her first visit either before or after she opens her shop and again “YES” what an improvement we have seen in 2 weeks.  She said this is her mission from God and she must do this.  Oh, did I mention that she is 8 months pregnant after being told she couldn’t get pregnant?

I could go on and on about the many blessings, this is the short version.  Everyone that has come to the hospital or our home has blessed Breta, which also is a blessing to me.  I just know that she will be up and walking soon and telling her own testimony.

God is so AWESOME. I can’t express how much I love HIM!!!

Keep the Prayers Coming!!!