The Kingdom Institute for
Spiritual Empowerment

A New Teaching Approach and Ministry Designed to Equip for the New Age
— Reverend Dr. Darrell Macklin, Pastor

The Kingdom Institute for Spiritual Empowerment is our educational tool to enhance spiritual development. The following are the training programs that are under the umbrella of the Institute. Each program incorporates some aspect of the principles of the Kingdom of God.

·      New Members Orientation

·      Holy Bible Discovery (Sunday School)

·      Discipleship Training

·      Bible Study

The Institute will also encompass training classes that will fall under the following three major categories:

·      Kingdom Principles to Enhance the Family

·      Kingdom Principles for Public Ministry of the Church

·      Kingdom Principles to enhance Kingdom Lifestyles

Mission Statement and Purpose

The mission of the Kingdom Institute for Spiritual Empowerment is to empower present-day believers living in the Church Age to live out and serve their Church-Age purpose of preparing for the rule and reign in Christ.

The Kingdom Institute places intentional focus on the Biblical teachings,  principles and practices set forth by our Lord and in the Holy Scriptures to equip today’s Christians to accomplish this generation’s calling to understand and accept their role in the Kingdom Agenda.

Through its teaching, the institute seeks to elevate the present-day Church of Jesus Christ by challenging her toward the fulfillment of her highest mission: ushering in and preparing the world for the soon coming Christ and His Eternal Kingdom.

Core Goals

1.     Recognizing Christ as Kingdom Commander

2.     Recognizing Man’s Kingdom Position

3.     Understanding Kingdom Power as Ability to Act

4.     Understanding the Proportionality of Kingdom Power

Core courses:

1.      Strengthening the Family

-  Marriage

-  Children

-  Male/Female Relationships