Ministry In Motion

If through our ministry, one soul gives their life to Christ, we rejoice along with the Angels! HALLELUJAH!”
— Sis. Tijuana Haynes

Ministry in Motion (MIM) made its debut in 2012 as part of St. Paul's Baptist Church Ministries.  Through God's divine blessings, MIM presents the Gospel of Jesus Christ through dramatization.  Our reenactment of bible-based stories, life lessons and testimonies is sought to uplift the Kingdom of God.  Each play, skit and dance routine ministers the Word of God and allows each witness to become transparent as he or she reflects on their own personal relationship with God.  Give Him your heart, give us your hand.

Gift of Giving Cover.jpg

The Gift of Giving (2017) 

Alana is the youngest of two children who feels  Christmas is centered around her needs and wants... well, she did until that night when a visitor came into her room and took her on a journey of love and sacrifice through the eyes of those less fortunate.  Did Alana ignore the message and provide her parents with an outrageous Christmas list or did she heed The Gift of Giving?

He did it for me cover 3.jpg

He did it for Me, Again (2016)

Robert Lee:  "The wonderful thing about Jesus is He will accept you just as you are.  Your true  friends will be happy for you and may even join you.  Your boyfriend? Most the  time you are either upset or crying because of him… that’s not what God wants  for you.  Trust Him and He will give you a husband who will bring you love,  happiness and respect .  Give Him your heart  Rayne."

Will Rayne heed her brother's advice this time around, or will she- yet again - play Russian roulette with her life?

Fedtime Stories (2015)

Fedtime Stories is teaching the bible to children through creative and expressive storytelling.  We believe when the bible stories are being told, it's feeding the souls and spirit of hungry listeners.


And a Child Shall Lead Them (2014)


Witness a husband/father with no spiritual foundation, a wife/mother experiencing a spiritual warfare and a prayerful, God-fearing daughter hoping to save them as a tragic occurrence has just struck their family. Can this family be saved?

He did it for Me (2013)

Robert Lee tells his sister, Rayne the ultimate love story of Jesus' love for us.  

..."So, you see, God loves you so much that He sent His son Jesus Christ to die for  your sins."

Rayne:   "He did this for me?"

Robert Lee:  "Yes, He did it for you, He did it for me…"

However, is Rayne ready to live a Christian life?

A Christmas Story: The Birth of Jesus Christ (2013)

We may hear a song or a sermon that we connect with; the words are what we needed to hear. We shout “Hallelujah”...  we are feeling happy! The music fills our souls.,  we can’t keep still, our hands begin to clap and our feet begin to stomp, or we may just rock back and forth, however it may be, it’s our praise!  Hallelujah! 

Director: Sis. Tijuana Haynes  
Assistant Director: Bro. Andrew Macklin